Ken's Books on Screen

An eight-part miniseries produced for television which premiered in 2011 and starred Eddie Redmayne, Hayley Attwell and Donald Sutherland.  Read more

A $46 million, critically and commercially successful production for television, premieried in 2011 with an ensemble cast including Cynthia Nixon, Ben Chaplin and Charlotte Riley. Read more

Ken's Books on Stage

Production on Los Pilares del Tierra, a Spanish musical version of The Pillars of the Earth, began in 2019, with the musical set to premiere in Madrid in autumn 2021. Read more

Jordens Søjler was a Danish musical production of The Pillars of the Earth which premiered in Copenhagen on the 12th October 2016. Read more

Den Evige Ild, a Danish musical adaptation of A Column of Fire, premiered in Copenhagen in 2019. Read more


Daedalic Entertainment adapted The Pillars of the Earth into a video game featuring hand-painted backgrounds and full voiceover cast in 2017. Read more

The Pillars of the Earth is also available as a multi-award-winning board game, suitable for 2-4 players and ages 12 years and older. Read more

World Without End is available as an award-winning standalone board game. It is set in Kingsbridge and suitable for 2-4 players 12 years and older. Read more

A Column of Fire is available as a multi-player board game set in Europe during the time of Elizabeth I. It is designed for between 2 and 4 players and is suitable for those aged 12 and over. Read more