Other Adaptations

Other Adaptations

Eye of the Needle

1981 | Thriller | 112 minutes

Ken’s breakthrough WWII thriller, Eye of the Needle, was adapted into a film in 1981. The film starred Donald Sutherland (The Pillars of the Earth, The Hunger Games), Kate Nelligan (Frankie and Jonny, The Cider House Rules) and Christopher Cazenove (Dynasty, A Knight’s Tale). Eye of the Needle was directed by Richard Marquand and adapted for screen by Stanley Mann.

A Dangerous Fortune

2015 | Drama | 180 minutes

In 2015, A Dangerous Fortune was adapted into a filkm for German television. The production was shot on location in Ireland. The film was released in Germany in January 2016 and in Spain in May 2017. A Dangerus Fortune was directed by Christian Schwochow and starred Dominic Thorburn as Hugh Pilaster, Yvonne Catterfeld as Nora Pilaster, Stephanie Stumph as Aprll, Luca Marinelli as Mickey Miranda, and Axel Milberg as Samuel Pilaster. 


2010 | Thriller, Drama | 200 minutes

Ken’s 2004 novel Whiteout, was adapted into a two-part television drama as a joint venture between Capricorn Film and Constantin Productions. It was released in Germany in 2010. It was directed by Peter Keglevic and stared Heiner Lauterbach as Stanley Oxenford, Isabella Ferrari as Toni Gallo, Tom Schilling as Kit Oxenford, Matthias Brandt as Nigel Malone, Anneke Kim Sarnau as Daisy Mac, Bülent Sharif as Elton and Katharina Wackernagel as Mandy.

The Third Twin

1997 | Thriller | 139 minutes

The Third Twin was adapted into a film for television that premiered in the US in 1997. It was directed by Tom McLoughlin and starred Kelly McGillis as Dr. Jeannie Ferami, Jason Gedrick as Steve Logan and Larry Hagman as Berrington Jones. It was also released under the title Ken Follett’s The Third Twin.

Lie Down With Lions

1994 | Adventure, Romance, Thriller | 180 minutes

Lie Down with Lions, Ken’s 1985 spy novel, was made into a TV miniseries in 1994 which was released under the title Red Eagle. It starred Timothy Dalton (License to Kill, The Living Daylights) and Marge Helgenberger (CSI) and was directed by Jim Goddard.

On Wings of Eagles

1986 | Drama | 300 minutes

In 1986, On Wings of Eagles became a five-hour TV mini-series starring Burt Lancaster as Lieutenant Colonel Arthur E. ‘Bull’ Simons, Richard Crenna as H. Ross Perot and Paul Le Mat as Jay Coburn. The series was directed by Andrew McLagen.

The Key to Rebecca

1985 | Drama, Romance, War | 194 minutes

In 1985, The Key to Rebecca, Ken’s Cairo based espionage novel, was adapted into a two-part, five hour film for television. It was directed by David Hemmings and starred Cliff Robertson as Major William Vandam, David Soul as Alex Wolff, Season Hubley as Elene Fontana and Anthony Quayle as Abdullah. It was first broadcast in the US in April 1985 and went on to be shown in the UK, Scandinavia and a number of other countries in which the novel had been successful.